Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My maiden E-voyage! A trumiph of my personal creativity. A blissfully simple cash infusion plan. I had hatched it in a brief few devine moments of clarity, that had engulfed me whilst I was apparently probing around in the darkest areas of the internet. So it was! Past-tense, begrudgingly intended. Bastards!

Those punk IT bastards foiled my digital euphoria for a brief instant. Albeit, an even grander dream lives anew! They'll see me laughing in my beer, not Paul's, buying Jerry a beer is damn site better idea. before this is done or else I'll die trying. This ain't over yet! I'm still here! Now what are you gonna do? Bring it on kiddies! This grandpa is just getting started!
Although legitimately calculated, to legally snatch free flowing electron rich streams of virual cash, not immediately mind you! The notion was conceived on the fly, dynamically developed, and visually more polished on the fly. Materialized by a pure chance synaptic pulses and aged receptors.

so I know the meaning of tenacity. Plus, I'm realistic, but soon, and the sooner the better! I'm not young anymore, so now is good. It was my intention to finally collate all of my laptop resources into a virtual money machine. Clean money too! No nasty crime tainted paper money mind you. This was the 100% pure kind, virgin money, all electronic. I had spawned a money hatchery of sorts.
Nameless people who are wiser than I, may well have considered it to be a bio-engineered master-piece. Well? If I may speak frankly. It was envisioned to be a virtual caldron of copulating E-ons. Rubbing up against one another like teenagers in the back sit at the drive-in theater.

So it was! Uniquely mine! My personal highly dynamic evolving brain-child semi-retirement income creation system. It was to be my "money making launchpad" going to "make extra money" for me while I slept. It was a stroke of clear senior genius epiphany. The likes of which no punk IT college kid had never seen. Uniquely my idea, extrapolated from hours diligent research, and well it was looking pretty promising too.

Having a few quick searches for key words like "make money online" "laptop income generation in retirement" and "how to make money without spending a dime"

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